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Roxana Panufnik  


“Thanks to the gorgeous and heartfelt performances by Andrews Morris & Keeping, I think we can safely say that Romance is not dead.”

The ClassicalBanksy

Blogger/producer and ex-international Operatic tenor

“Andrew Morris’ performance on this album, in my opinion, places him comfortably among some of the wonderful English tenors of recent time…I have to say, that after much deliberation, my copy of “Napilutano” by the wonderful tenor Andrew Morris, accompanied by the exquisite guitar-playing of Andrew Keeping, now sits side by side, next to the master himself – Robert Murolo!”

Ugo Benelli  

(regarded as one of the great Italian Operatic tenors 1960-1980)

Very Beautiful. Sung with refined taste and accompanied in a splendid way by Andrew Keeping. Now that I’ve heard these songs with the guitar I can no longer listen to them with the orchestra.  I’ll carry the CD with me in the car and listen to it often because it’s enjoyable and relaxing. (“Napulitano”) is a CD dedicated to good taste and a precious gift.

Howard Guard , film Director (For Don Jose in Carmen)
Andrew, Many,many thanks for your fine performance…………. Your voice is splendid , the great bonus for me was that the actual story came through because of your subtle performance.

Jane McCulloch (Director)
Your performance as Don Jose has always been convincing and passionate – I look forward to working with you again

Leslie Olive – Conductor
Andrew, thank you so much for Sunday. Once again you provided exactly what was required with great style. I do enjoy your voice very much.

Jane McCulloch – Director – La Traviata – London
You gave a wonderful performance last night of Alfredo and I have had many messages of congratulations on your behalf.